Children & The Images Of The Tsunami?

When I first saw the image on the news of the powerful and destructive force of the tsunami that struck Japan I was left speechless. And then come the trickling news of the tragic loss of life with the numbers increasing into the thousands. Says Barbara Curtis, “If every picture tells a story, the images from Japan are an encyclopedia of misery to come.  As the days and weeks progress, we will continue to see news reports of thousands in shock, grief and despair.

“When disaster strikes, a parent’s first thought may be to protect their children from the dreadful news, the staggering numbers, the overwhelming questions. To think of the loss in Japan hurts our grownup hearts.” But should parents protect their children from seeing those horrific images of devastation inflicted on the people of Japan as a result of the tsunami? Barbara Curtis is an AMI Montessori teacher, mother of 12 and grandmother of 12 (so far!).  She is author of 9 books and over 1500 published articles. She tells us what she thinks about children being exposed to the news of a natural disaster.

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