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An Anglican View On ‘The Bible’s Buried Secrets’

Ian Paul is on the staff of St John’s College in Nottingham. In his review on the second programme of ‘The Bible’s Buried Secrets’ Ian Paul says, “I hope that, up till now, my comments have been reasonable and responsible. But … Continue reading

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The Son Of King David Exists – He Is The Messiah!

For Lent, the BBC dished up for us an anti-Christian fest in ‘The Bible’s Buried Secrets’. To wet our appetite in anticipation of Easter the three programmes questioned ‘Did King David’s Empire Exist?’, ‘Did God Have A Wife?‘ suggesting he did, … Continue reading

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John 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life

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The Fury Over Rob Bell’s Hell In ‘Love Wins’

Finishing up on a review of Rob Bell’s 200 page hard back, Kevin DeYoung says, “At the very heart of this controversy, and one of the reasons the blogosphere exploded over this book, is that we really do have two … Continue reading

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‘The Importance Of The Cross’ by Phillip Yancey

What is the importance of The Cross to the Christian faith? Phillip Yancey shares his thoughts.

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‘The Life Of All Flesh Is In The Blood’

After my motorcycle accident, (referred to in my story), I recall how conscious I became about the air I breathed. I often used to take in a deep breath and think how good life is. It was the beginnings of … Continue reading

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Albert Mohler: Richard Dawkins And The Limits Of Reason

“In The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution, Dawkins sets out to present his most compelling case for evolution. He is — make no mistake — an ardent enthusiast for his argument. Seldom do we read a book … Continue reading

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‘The Reason Why’ by Mark Mittelberg

‘The Reason Why‘ strikes a cord with a previous post. The Publisher’s Description: “Everyone wants to believe in something beyond or someone bigger than themselves, but nobody wants to be duped. In order to provide answers to people who are seeking … Continue reading

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Atheist, Christopher Hitchens, Extols The King James Bible

The BBC reminds us, or if we didn’t know, informs us that the “Bible was the daily reading of millions of people throughout the English speaking world, from Northamptonshire cobblers to US presidents – though not perhaps so far distant … Continue reading

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