‘The Life Of All Flesh Is In The Blood’

After my motorcycle accident, (referred to in my story), I recall how conscious I became about the air I breathed. I often used to take in a deep breath and think how good life is. It was the beginnings of the promtings of the conscience over three years that led me to inquire if there really was a God who was responsible for the material universe, and for life on earth. It led me to find the best in Christian belief – a God who has shown his love to us in Jesus Christ – of which we are reminded as we approach Easter. When I read Darwin’s Black Box I wished I could have been science oriented and studied under such as its author, Michael Behe. Although Darwin’s Black Box is not a religious book the revelations of the intricacies of biochemistry increased my admiration and adoration of the Great Designer. I’m reminded of Behe’s book and the idea of Intelligent Design and my personal experience as I read Dr. Ray Pritchard’s short essay on “the life of all flesh is in the blood.”



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