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What Concern Is Marriage To Government?

When it comes to Marriage “what interest does the state have?” asks Glen Stanton.” He certainly makes a good case that marriage and family is not a Christian institution but the basic building block of any successful society. Read Glen … Continue reading

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The Apostle Paul And The Old Testament

What if the Jewish nation had accepted Jesus as Saviour and Lord? Hypothetical I know, but how would he have died? Would it have been ordained at the hands of the High Priest or ? ? ? – like Abraham … Continue reading

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Jane Austin’s Answer To A Successful Marriage

Steve Doughty of the Daily Mail 14th July 2011, reported a top judge saying, ‘Getting a divorce is easier than getting a driving licence.’ Sir Paul Coleridge said a cultural revolution has made it possible to end a marriage quickly with … Continue reading

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Getting What We Don’t Deserve

I have a soft spot for the retired Baptist preacher Dr. Joe McKeever. He has a good way of speaking about things that are important. Nothing more important than what we read in Ephesians 2:8-10. But illustrations appeal very much … Continue reading

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When Jesus Was Amazed!

Matthew 8:5-13 and Luke 7:1-10 tells us Jesus was amazed by someone who was not a child of Israel. Matthew 8:10  says that Jesus was amazed! It had to do with a centurion. He would have been a life-soldier in the Roman army. … Continue reading

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A Christian Revival In India

“India’s church has grown and is getting larger. It now comprises over 70 million members, according to Operation World. That makes it the eighth largest Christian population in the world, just behind the Philippines and Nigeria, bigger than Germany and … Continue reading

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