Christians And Capital Punishment

In my previous posts it is obvious that I believe in law, I believe in fairness and justice. But do I believe in the opportunity for repentance and forgiveness? But then what about Hitler? Idi Amin? and other tyrants of history – of which there are many. And now there is the killing of Muammar Gaddafi. Some would say he got his comeuppance – but is that the way we human beings should behave?

What about myself? What about the times I have fallen foul of the law and got away with it, and even if not in deed, in thought? What if I had been left so no one would know what evil deed I might do to someone who has seriously wronged me? What if I or a member of my family fell foul of the evil deed of another? The wrong hits out at us every day through the media – the UK prison population currently stands at around 97,000. And some are so evil we might say, they should hang for that!

Where should Christians stand when it comes to capital punishment? Ben Witherington responds.

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