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What Is Wrong With The Ten Commandments?

Bill Meuhlenberg shared his concern about fellow Christians disparaging the Ten Commandments  or the ‘Law of God’. We see that was a concern for Spurgeon back in the 19th century. It was a concern for Lloyd-Jones  and John Stott  in the … Continue reading

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Archaeologist Eilat Mazar & King David

Back in the Spring of this year the BBC presented the controversial programme, ‘The Bible’s Buried Secrets’  featuring the equally controversial Dr. Francesca Stavrakopoulou of Exeter University. Archaelogist, Eilat Mazar, provides a balance and another side of the story: “The Biblical … Continue reading

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Our Besetting Sin

As an Adventist, I appreciated Bill Meuhlenberg’s concern about fellow Christians disparaging the Ten Commandments. I collected some thoughts from a few prominent Bible expositors in support of what Meuhlenberg on the Law of God. But what does it all mean in … Continue reading

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‘Galatians’ by Carl Cosaert

Galatians: A Fiery Response To A Struggling Church by Carl Cosaert is published by the Review and Herald (2011). Cover Price is $12.99. It is a companion book to the Adventist Church’s 4th quarter ‘Studies in Galatians’ and currently available … Continue reading

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Dr Billy Graham 93 Today (Monday 7 November 2011)

Billy Graham, the founder of ‘Christianity Today’ at a meeting with it’s Board of Directors “urged the staff who were present never to waver on these two things: the inspiration of Scripture and the centrality of Jesus Christ. And if … Continue reading

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The Protestant Reformation began, 31 October 1517

The 31st of October is recognised as ‘Reformation Day’  by some sections of the Christian church and even a national holiday in some areas of Germany. The protests that were publicly nailed to the Wittenberg Cathedral door on October 31 … Continue reading

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