‘Galatians’ by Carl Cosaert

Galatians: A Fiery Response To A Struggling Church by Carl Cosaert is published by the Review and Herald (2011). Cover Price is $12.99. It is a companion book to the Adventist Church’s 4th quarter ‘Studies in Galatians’ and currently available in the UK at the subsidised price of £3.75 plus P&P through the Stanborough Press, Alma Park, Grantham, Lincs, NG31 9SL.

The Bible study guides on The Gospel in Galatians are available on Kindle for £2.94!

Once I began reading Galatians: A Fiery Response To A Struggling Church by Carl Cosaert  I think I only put it down for meal breaks! I had to get on and finish all 14 chapters. It is an excellent commentary on Galatians. I value this book as much as John Stott’s commentary on Galatians, Only One Way. It is one of those books that will have a permanent place in my library.

Adventists are often either misunderstood or misrepresented over their understanding of the Gospel. This book is very readable and will give Adventists and non-Adventist Christians alike what Adventists truly believe and should believe about the Gospel. If I were at Walla Walla I would want to be taking classes by Carl Cosaert!

Table of Contents:

Ch. 1. Saul of Tarsus – From Christian Persecutor to Apostle

Ch. 2. Paul’s Authority and Gospel

Ch. 3. The Issue of Circumcision

Ch. 4. Our New Identity in Christ

Ch. 5. Faith Alone in Christ

Ch. 6. The Priority of the Promise

Ch. 7. The Law as our Paidagogos.

Ch. 8. From Slaves to Heirs

Ch. 9. Paul’s Pastoral Appeal

Ch. 10. The Two Covenants

Ch. 11. Freedom in Christ

Ch. 12. Living by the Spirit

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