Our Besetting Sin

As an Adventist, I appreciated Bill Meuhlenberg’s concern about fellow Christians disparaging the Ten Commandments. I collected some thoughts from a few prominent Bible expositors in support of what Meuhlenberg on the Law of God.

But what does it all mean in everyday life? asks Ben Witherington, Then he reminds us “There is an old ditty which goes this way ‘The three persons I admire most are me, myself, and I. Me, myself I know very well, but who’s that other guy?’”

Says Witherington, addressing the current economic crisis in America (shared right now by so many other countries in the world), “You can’t fill a spiritual void with food, or possessions, or investments, or, or, or. The God shaped vacuum in the human soul can only be filled with God, and when that happens then there is a possibility of becoming a ‘recovering narcissist’ who is actually able to love others, and even God after a fashion.” Click to read ‘Our Besetting Sin’.

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