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‘The Big Questions’ And BBC Anti-Christian Bias?

An Adventist pastor joined the debate on the BBC’s ‘The Big Questions’, discussing the ‘end of the world’. There was a lot of laughter at his concept of the Second Coming of Jesus and his biblical understanding of the end of the age. … Continue reading

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Creationist Website Wins Coveted Award

“The Answers in Genesis website (, which provides information about these resources as well as details about the museum and the Ark Encounter, had over 17 million visitors last year. It is one of the most-trafficked Christian websites in the … Continue reading

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And More On Grace – Amazing Grace with Wintley Phipps

We have discovered the Gospel in Isaiah – and grace to cover all our sin. In my previous post the author of a great article encourages “to get drunk on grace. Two hundred-proof, defiant grace.” And here Wintley Phipps shows us … Continue reading

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Addiction To Law? Grace To The Rescue

“By nature, you are completely addicted to a legal method of salvation. Even after you become a Christian by believing the Gospel, your heart is still addicted to salvation by works…You find it hard to believe that you should get … Continue reading

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An Adventist Reply To Walter Martin On ‘The Law God’

Edward E. Heppenstall, a leading Adventist Bible scholar and theologian addressed the issue of the Law of God with the apologist, Walter Martin. From the content of Heppenstall’s article it appears Walter Martin would come under the concerns expressed by … Continue reading

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Would Martin Luther King Be Heard Today?

Monday was Martin Luther King Day in the USA. But, would Martin Luther King be heard today? asks Dr. James Emery White. “Because we were created, there is value in each person. There is meaning and purpose to every life. There … Continue reading

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The Gospel In Isaiah

Each quarter of the year Adventists around the world study a new biblical topic or subjects, or sections of the Bible or a book or books of the Bible. The last quarter of 2011 Adventists were studying the Apostle Paul’s … Continue reading

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Startling Clarity: Moral Relativism And Education

Chuck Colson , the one time aid to President Nixon who served a prison sentence, relates a shocking story of a Taliban family cutting off the nose and ears of a young wife of a Taliban fighter. The story was … Continue reading

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