Startling Clarity: Moral Relativism And Education

Chuck Colson , the one time aid to President Nixon who served a prison sentence, relates a shocking story of a Taliban family cutting off the nose and ears of a young wife of a Taliban fighter. The story was told to students in an ethics class in Canada, who to the surprise of the lecturer were not shocked by the story. Judgments should not be made on the behaviour of another culture.

Shocked by the response the ‘born again’ Colson writes,

“We would do well to ponder the words of Pope Benedict, who said on January first that neither justice nor peace is possible if we do not hold to the Ten Commandments as expressions of objective truth. The Pope said that peace and justice are simply just “words without content” unless founded on the bedrock of natural law, as expressed in the Decalogue, given to Moses more than 3,000 years ago.”

Those Ten Commandments takes us back to Bill Meuhlenberg! For the whole of Colson’s article click here.

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