Anglicans And The Second Advent – Part III

Continuing the theme of the Second Coming of Jesus I once acquired four half hour sermons on two tapes by the late Dr. John Stott. I think that was back in the mid-1970s? They have long gone with ‘borrowing’. They were titled – and my memory may not serve me too well but the titles went something like, The Promise of His Coming, The Manner of His Coming, The Purpose of His Coming, and The Challenge of his Coming. I’ve not been successful in my search for these on the ‘All Souls’ website but I recall being very impressed by his very biblical presentations on the subject. I visited All Souls more than once to hear Stott preach as well as at other venues when it was convenient and not too distant. I have previously mentioned that while I have downsized in my personal library since retirement (although my wife would say she hadn’t noticed!), I’m reluctant to let go some of Stott’s commentaries that I find valuable for reference material or to reread. But Stott was as evangelical and biblical on the Second Coming of Jesus as anyone could get. His expositions would affirm the evangelical nature of the presentations of the ‘end time’ in the last two posts. And I would hope that it would be convincing for Bishop Lowe that any ‘modern’ interpretation of Scripture to adapt to our times, has not replaced the traditional interpretation that is still followed by so many biblical theologians.

But following on from my previous posts which are Low Church or evangelical traditions of the Anglican church here is an Anglican contribution to the Second Coming of Jesus from the ‘High’ or Classical tradition of Anglicanism.

The High Church and Low Church traditions within Anglicanism goes back to Elizabeth I who seemed to have successfully avoided the bloodshed which came from the 16th Century Reformation when anyone following a belief not represented by the reigning monarch would be considered a heretic, treasonable and worthy of death. Elizabeth combined both Catholic and Protestant within the one church – so ‘high’ leaning to catholic and ‘low’ leaning to Protestant and evangelical. Then today we have Thinking Anglicans, as well as what is considered the ‘Broad Church’. I imagine from his protests that Bishop Lowe belongs to the ‘Broad Church’. If not, I will take the rebuke. And then we can’t leave out ‘Anglican Mainstream’.

But this post on the Second Advent (which includes comment on ‘the rapture’ see the next post) is from ‘Classical’ or ‘High Church’ Anglicanism.

While not sharing Fr. Jonathan’s views on eternal punishment (Adventists are Conditionalists – explanation in a later post), Adventists would be more comfortable with Fr. Jonathan’s view of the end time than with that of Bishop Tom Wright on which he remarks in this post. I have read ‘Simply Jesus’ by Tom Wright but didn’t find it as simple or as well laid out and informative as John Stott’s ‘Basic Christianity’. But more on the Second Advent in ‘Part IV’.

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