When Grace Wore A Badge

It has been said about us drivers that the last thing to be converted is our ‘right foot’. How do we react when we are caught speeding? What are our instinctive reactions to the distinctive markings of the vehicle we see in our rear view mirror?

Says Pastor Jay Sampson, “In response to the mercy I had received, I was the picture of a law-abiding driver for the rest of my trip and beyond.”

“Like the speed limit that day in Texas, the law is no longer a burden because it is no longer a restraint on my will but an avenue through which I can express my great gratitude.”

Sounds a bit like Dr John Stott when he said, “Why do we serve? Not because the law is our master and we have to, but because Christ is our husband and we want to. Not because obedience to the law leads to salvation, but because salvation leads to obedience to the law. The law says, you live, so do this. The motive has changed.”

Read Pastor Jay Sampson’s experience of what happened when he was caught out by the law?

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