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Anthony Hoekema, Adventists And Walter Martin, Part II

p. 561. Is Seventh-day Adventism a Non-Christian Cult? Following from the last post, Walter Martin takes up Anthony Hoekema again on page 561 of his book, ‘The Kingdom of the Cults’. To quote Martin fully, p.561. We earlier mentioned Dr. … Continue reading

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Anthony Hoekema; Adventists And Walter Martin, Part I

Comment on excerpts from, ‘Kingdom of the Cults’, by Walter Martin – Bethany House Publishers, 2003. p. 535. As an explanation for the inclusion of a chapter in a book on cults entitled, “The Puzzle of Seventh-day Adventism,” (Appendix B), … Continue reading

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Our Triune God

CMI is a website concerned about Origins because of what it says about God and particularly about the Person of Jesus Christ, about His status in the Godhead and about his mission to our world. “If we wilfully reject Jesus’ … Continue reading

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