The Law Of God Is The Law Of Love

In previous posts I have rejected Walter Martin’s views on the Law of God. It is assuring to read like minds on the Law of God or the Ten Commandments; it makes sense to seek to live by them. Loving God with all our heart (the first 4 Commandments) means we will want to love our neighbours as ourselves (the last six commandments), to others as children of God; to treat rightly and justly as reminded on Martin Luther King Day

I found myself reading another Christian website affirming the Adventist view of the Ten Commandments, which reminds us the Law Of God is The Law Of Love.

“For Paul, keeping the commandments of God is the way to show love for God and neighbours.

“But then, Jesus said exactly the same thing. He explained that all the Law and the prophets are fulfilled in the commands to love God and our neighbours (Matt. 22:34-40). Contrary to what many of us may think about the Law of God, it’s not this horrible burden and yoke, the keeping of which threatens to turn us all into little legalists vainly pursuing a salvation by works. Keeping the Law of God, and encouraging others to do so, is the way to greatness in the Kingdom of God. At least, that’s what Jesus taught (Matt. 5:17-19).

“The Law of God is a law of love, a sure and reliable guide to lead us in paths of love for God and neighbor. And even a cursory examination of the Law of God reveals that it addresses itself to all manner of cultural issues and concerns.” And so it does. There is no separating The Law from God’s grace. It is that grace that helps to appreciate His Law as the Law of Love.

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