Creation: A Subject Bigger Than We Think

When I first wrestled with the idea of Someone ‘up there’ or ‘out there’ who could be responsible for the creation of the universe and our planet Earth, and everything in it, and me too, I tried to avoid the sentiments as we find expressed in Psalm 24:1. If it were true, that it was Intelligence that brought the universe into being and who gave life to us in the first place, that life didn’t emerge miraculously from the material elements, or from the pond slime of the distant past but from an Intelligent Mind who is the Creator of the universe, then integrity demanded a response from me if I was truly indebted to that Someone for my being. I wrestled with that thought, which I have told in ‘My Story’, but it didn’t come easy – it took a few years of wrestling. Like the atheist turned Christian apologist, C. S. Lewis, I too came into Christianity metaphorically ‘kicking and screaming’ and like him ‘a most reluctant convert’, not knowing what it would mean to be a convert. But Christian belief is rooted in our origins, was it material that produced intelligence, or are we the product of a supreme mind that produced a world that is fine-tuned for inhabiting? I decided it was the latter and became open, if reluctantly at first, to the Creator God who made Himself known through Jesus Christ. So I am always pleased to read an intelligent view on origins. Science is often placed over against faith, but there are so many Christians who are also scientists. Dr. David Wilkinson has a doctorate in sciences and theology.

Says David Wilkinson, “Anglican theologian Dan Hardy once wrote that, at its heart, the action of God in creation demands a worshipful response. The call to worship is written into the very fabric of the universe. In light of this, we need to guard against letting discussions of Creation stray from its implications for worship and lifestyle. Now, of course that does not bar Christians from actively and enthusiastically participating in scientific and apologetic debates. But the scientific exploration of origins can never be conducted merely for its own sake. Put another way, we need to be very careful about focusing on the Creator—not on just creation.” Read his whole article here:

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