‘God’s Friday’ by Dr. Ben Witherington

I often dip into Dr Ben Witherington’s blog and here he writes, “When it comes to Good Friday, we tend to hear a lot of sermons about the soteriological benefits of Christ’s death for us all, which is of course appropriate. What we do not hear a lot of sermons about is what the cross tells us about either the character of God and why the cross is necessary in the first place,” says Dr. Witherington.

It is amazing that the Person who was God became a human being to take the responsibility for the sin of the human race, even to death on a cross, that all who will believe in Him may have eternal life

“The cross stands sentinel against all of our cliches and trite assumptions about God and God’s character. It tells us that God has set up a moral universe reflecting his character, in which its a matter of ‘truth’ or consequences. Those who do not embrace the truth, suffer the consequences of their sins. But if anyone is in Christ, God’s Friday is a good Friday indeed. In fact it is the TGIF best Friday ever,” says Ben Witherington

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