Melvyn Bragg On The Mystery Of Mary Magdalene.

Can’t help thinking about that BBC serving we had on ‘Good Friday’ called, ‘The Mystery of Mary Magdalene presented by Melvyn Bragg. Having read his ‘The Book of Books I found ‘The Mystery of Mary Magdalene’ so disappointing. From a scholarly point of view he has let himself down badly, and done injustice to the accepted biblical text. Here is his announcement of his BBC presentation in The Telegraph, and here is in my view, a deserving review of it in the Catholic Herald. If Bragg had read Daniel Wallace, although I can’t help think he knew what he was doing, he would have had reason to pause in what Christian Concern described as sexualising the relationship between Mary and Jesus.

It worth reading aspects of the Christian Concern complaints and then Daniel Wallace’s review of ‘A New, New Testament’. Dr. Daniel Wallace covers materials and principles of Biblical interpretation and understanding, which Bragg would surely have known about and benefited from, as would his listeners. One would understand the critique of Bragg in the Catholic Herald when you read Daniel Wallace on a different work that includes materials Bragg used in his presentation.

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