More Views On Hell And Conditional Immortality

What is Conditionalism? For the uninitiated on terms that are used by theologians in their discussions on what happens when we die these links here and here and here might be helpful. Annhilationism is an associated term that says that at the end of the age the ‘wicked’ and those who have rejected God will face their Creator in the judgment will be annihilated: they will not face the traditional view of an eternal burning hell. Wikipedia has an article on Annihilationism

A dedicated conditionalist website, AfterLifeClarifies Evangelical Conditionalism

Following my previous post I have discovered some articles and books on ‘Hell, and Conditional Immortality’ online.

I have quoted from Essentials by John Stott and David Edwards in a previous post but discovered a much fuller account from Essentials titled: Judgment and Hell 

Clark Pinnock’s  authored ‘The Destruction Of The Finally Impenitent

The whole book online, “Immortality of the Soul or Resurrection from the Dead” is by Oscar Cullman

An Evangelical/Jewish presentation of ‘A Biblical Defence Of Conditional Immortality‘. Click on tabs on the top bar or the tabs at the bottom of the facing page of the website to get the contents folder of the whole book. Access to articles and books online is available on the left bar by VARIOUS AUTHORS.

A Review Of ‘The Conditionalist Faith of Our Fathers’ by Edwin Leroy Froom is on Amazon

An Apologetics Forum seeks more information on the out of print book. They could find Excerpts from Froom’s ‘The Conditionalist Faith of our Fathers’ titled, ‘Theologian Paul on Life, Death, and Immortality

I haven’t tried it but here is ‘How to Legally Obtain a Free Digital Download of ‘The Conditionalist Faith of Our Fathers’

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones said of Froom’s work, “This magnificent Conditionalist Faith volume is characterized by your customary careful scholarship.” 

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