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“Zombie Claims” On Jesus The Revolutionary

“One of the things variously amusing and annoying is the re-appearance of ideas and claims in my own area of expertise as if something new, something suppressed (e.g., by us scholars supposedly) and reeeeally racy and sensationally important that are … Continue reading

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Why Do Christians Love Rules?

Trillia Newbell sends me back to my posts on Walter Martin and his view of Law and Grace. For me, it is Trillia Newbell who has got it right on Law and Grace. “The rule of law in the Old … Continue reading

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Evangelicals Dialogue Over Hell & Conditional Immortality

Following a previous post I have discovered Evangelicals in dialogue over Conditional Immortality: This is their website with forum – ‘Rethinking Hell: Exploring Evangelical Conditionalism‘. Evangelicals have a ‘Re-Thinking Hell’ Conference July 11-12 2014 Houston. The main Guest speaker is Edward Fudge: “Fudge … Continue reading

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