Why Do Christians Love Rules?

Trillia Newbell sends me back to my posts on Walter Martin and his view of Law and Grace. For me, it is Trillia Newbell who has got it right on Law and Grace.

“The rule of law in the Old Testament was given for our benefit. The law reminds us of our sinfulness and points us to Christ. It also helps us to understand the righteous requirement of God that can never be achieved without Jesus. For me, it gives me a glimpse of God’s holy character. He is set apart and not one ounce of imperfection is in Him. That is why we need Jesus! The whole Old Testament sings of the coming of Christ. He came and fulfilled the law. Now we have the joy of following Christ and submitting to His will revealed to us through the Word. It is our delight to obey God because we now know that Jesus paid it all. We delight in obedience not because we can earn anything but because He was the suffering Servant and His ways are good—and for our good.

“But we fail. And we don’t only fail—we plum blow it at times. Every single day we break the law of God. So for the rule keeper we have a dilemma. We can either obey God and believe that this great salvation really did accomplish what He said it did or we can continue to strive. Obedience is good and beautiful but obedience cloaked in self-righteousness and condemnation is legalism. Jesus says, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). All who labor in hopes of earning favor before God, Jesus says He will give you rest.” Read of Trillia Newbell here:

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