Mom, I’m Bored!

Says the author of this article I’m reading:

“So as a parent, it’s good for me to remember that entertainment is not a right. It’s a privilege—and often, depriving my children of this privilege is the best thing for them. But this is just as true for me; my brain needs ample time to stare off into space. Who knows what LEGO creation my kids will come up with, and who knows what next book idea I’ll find waiting for me deep in the recesses of my bored subconscious?”

But it’s not just about her children she writes, it’s about herself, and us adults too. The author knows where and when she has her greatest ideas, God gave us minds and creativity. We need time to be alone with our own thoughts. Her blog has over 30,000 subscribers  As an example and mentor to her family I can’t imagine them being allowed time to be bored!


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