From Father To Son: J.R.R. Tolkein On Sex

Says Albert Mohler, “The astounding popularity of J.R.R. Tolkien and his writings–magnified many times over by the success of the Lord of the Rings films–has ensured that Tolkien’s fantasy world of moral meaning stands as one of the great literary achievements of our times.

In his essay, Mohler invites us to join him in his admiration for Tolkien, not just for his literary success but also as a father figure. “Tolkien dearly loved his children, and he left a literary legacy in the form of letters. . . . not just a hallmark of literary quality, but also on matters of manhood, marriage, and sex. . . a priceless legacy,” says Mohler. “

“In 1941, Tolkien wrote a masterful letter to his son Michael, dealing with marriage and the realities of human sexuality.” “The letter Tolkien wrote Michael in the year 1941–with the world exploding in war and civilization coming apart at its seams–is a model of fatherly concern, counsel, and instruction. We should be grateful that this letter is now accessible to the larger world, and to the rest of us,” says Mohler . . .


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