Cosmic Inflation: Where Did We Come From?

Cosmic Inflation is the current news. The BBC titles David Shukman’s report on the latest scientific discovery: “Cosmic Inflation: Spectacular Discovery Hailed

I’m always drawn to discussions on cosmic origins and of course our human origins, where did we come from? There are basically two views of origins, both faith views, “In the beginning God” and the other is, “In the beginning matter.” The one view says the universe and ourselves came about through an Intelligent Cause, the other view says our creation came about through inanimate material; The one says Intelligence produced material and life, the other says material produced itself and life. We were not there to prove either view.

The one view says, we are here so there must be an Original Cause, the other view says we are here so we must have evolved. It doesn’t say we know how life began in the first place, but given aeons of time and chance it must have happened. That is not science; that is belief. Those two views are often placed over against each other as Faith versus Science. But I know of too many well respected scientists who also believe the former; that Intelligence and not inanimate matter was responsible for the creation of the cosmos and human life on planet earth.

In a previous post I shared my thoughts on the meaning of Christmas. We are now approaching Easter. Easter is the time when we remind ourselves of the purpose of Christmas, as the hymn writer put it, ‘Born that man no more may die, born to raise the sons of earth, born to give them second birth.” In that carol Charles Wesley takes us back to our human origins, as described in the Bible – to creation and the Fall, to the consequences of the Fall for humankind, for us, and Jesus Christ too (Romans 5:1-11). The promised Messiah, our Creator and Redeemer, would take our place for those who place their unreserved trust in him and what he has done for us.

Both Christmas and Easter are rooted in our origins. A loving God planned that should anything go wrong with his creation, he would be the one who would provide the solution, “Born that man no more may die.” 

The question over origins is something I had to settle on early in my life. I have found no reason to change my belief in an Intelligent Cause; a God who has revealed himself to humankind, and finally through Jesus Christ (Hebrews 1:1-3; 13:8). It is for me the best of belief – it provides for me the best explanation of the world in which I live and as I see it, with both its goodness and its evil.

With the current claimed discoveries over the origin of the universe it seemed J. Wallace Warner’s article on origins came into my mail box at an appropriate moment: Is God Real: The Case From Cosmology If God is not real then there is nothing to lose by looking for answers. I’ve told my story elsewhere, but it was a surprise to find the answers for myself. 

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