Is It Faith Versus Science – Or?

In the previous post I said the two views of origins, creation and evolution (meaning atheistic evolution), are often placed over against each other as Faith versus Science. It is not true of course because there are too many well-respected scientists (Here’s a few of them) who are Christians and see science not only supporting their Christian convictions, but science playing no small part for those convictions. For them, science supports the Biblical view of life more than does evolution. It becomes one scientist’s interpretation of the evidence over against another scientist’s world-view. Dr. Gary Parker is a scientist who has held both world-views. He has written materials on Faith and Science but the one I just finished reading is his book: ‘Creation: Facts of Life’. That is the seventh printing, the update is the 13th printing. The amount of printings can say how much the book is regarded. I found it worth reading its 4-5 star reviews on Amazon.

The back cover of my edition tells something about the author:

From Evolutionist to Creationist

“Dr. Gary Parker earned his doctorate in biology, with cognate in geology (paleontology). He has earned several academic awards, including election to the national university scholastic honorary society Phi Beta Kappa, and Science Faculty Fellowship from the National Science Foundation.

“Dr. Parker began his scientific career teaching evolution “enthusiastically” at a respected university. He believed he was ridding his students of “pre-scientific superstitions, such as Christianity. Then he and his wife attended a Bible Study led by a chemistry professor at the university. He soon found out that the errors he tried to point out were his errors.

“He spent the next three years re-examining the evidence before giving up his “deep-seated belief in evolution and concluded, like thousands of other scientists in recent times, that the biblical framework is the more logical inference from our scientific observations.

“Dr. Parker discusses in an easy-to-understand manner DNA, embryo development, fossils, “early man,” symbiosis, genetics, and many other topics: critical issues in the creation/evolution debate.”

The Book also has 4-5 star reviews on the kindle edition of Amazon where one can read the first 15 sample pages of the book. It also gets 4-5 star review ratings on ‘Good Reads

It must have been very difficult for a dyed-in-the-wool evolutionist to alter the views of a lifetime to become a creationist. But having been on both sides of the debate, he communicates well why he changed sides, and with respect for those who believe what he once believed. This respect is noted in the Amazon reviews:

I am including the following description of what he says of his change in becoming a Christian from the 15-page sample on Amazon kindle:

“Dr. Signorino, an excellent Bible teacher, was also a top-notch scientist. He challenged me to look again at the scientific evidence I thought I knew so well. Then Allen Davis, a biologist newly hired at the college, began to share creationist evidences and resources with me, including the famous (or infamous) book by John C. Whitcomb and Henry M. Morris, The Genesis Flood. For three years we argued creation/evolution. For three years I used all the evolutionary arguments I knew so well. For three years I lost every scientific argument. Reluctant and surprised, I finally concluded that what we read in God’s Word is the surest guide to understanding what we see in God’s world.

“Now I’d like to invite you to consider some of the evidences that suggest the “wonderful story” is true after all! And it’s not just me. Thousands of scientists are sharing the scientific evidences in God’s world that encourage us to believe all the wonderful promises and principles in God’s Word, the Bible.

“How can that be? How can scientists — all using the same evidence — come up with such different ideas about what that evidence means? Hasn’t “science” proved the Bible wrong? Don’t we “know” that man created “God” in his image when he reached the stage of abstract thought in evolution? Wouldn’t going back to believing God created man in His image bring back other superstitions and destroy the very fabric of society in our scientific age? Isn’t it unconscionable (and unconstitutional) to mix religion, like the Bible, with science, like evolution?

“People do get “fired up” about creation/evolution. There really are important issues at stake here, both personal and social. That’s all the more reason to hold our emotions in check and to examine our beliefs calmly and thoughtfully. After all, it’s important to know not only what we believe but why we believe it. Being comfortable and confident with our beliefs means that we have honestly considered the merits of beliefs different from ours, and understanding another’s beliefs helps to generate respect and compassion, even if the disagreement is deep, profound, and absolute.

“I love science. This book is especially for those who love and/or respect science. In it I’d like to share with you some of the scientific evidence that helped to change me, as a biology professor, from an enthusiastic (even “evangelical”) belief in evolution to a belief instead that the Bible is the best guide to understanding God’s world and our place in His plan. The Bible contains no explicit references to DNA, mutations, fossils, or the Grand Canyon, so my scientific applications of biblical truths are no better than the evidence I use to support them.

“I also want you to understand evolution clearly and thoroughly, so I’ll also be going over with you — as I still do with my students — all the standard textbook arguments used in favor of evolution.

“Take your time. Be critical. Think it through. It took me three years of re-examining the evidence before I gave up my deep-seated belief in evolution and concluded, like thousands of other scientists in recent times, that the 4 C biblical outline of earth history is the more logical inference from our scientific observations.”

Like so many others, I thought it a good and informative read

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