Evolutionist Scientist Turned Creationist

Dr. Gary Parker has some excellent reviews on his book: Creation: Facts of Life . To read reviews of this book scroll down on Amazon. Reviewers found Dr. Parker respectful and non-aggressive in his approach. His arguments are well thought through, and quite convincing. He demonstrates how observable facts are more consistent with creationism and inconsistent with evolution.

One reviewer chose this one out of several as a “textbook” for a class on the subject. He found the book short and easy-to-read. There are only three chapters but the chapters are divided up into manageable chunks for those who prefer reading in chunks. For myself I wanted to get through the whole material from beginning to end. As another reviewer points out, Parker writes clearly, succinctly, and convincingly. Said the reader, If you ever thought that science had all the facts, and creationists had all the faith, you may discover the roles are reversed! Another found the book highly scientific and filled with facts, yet easy and very fun to read. I found it as praised by most reviewers.

I think it is book worth having to share but if you want to defer buying the book Answers in Genesis have offered it online.

The book informs us that Dr. Gary Parker earned his doctorate in biology, with a cognate in geology (palaeontology). He has earned several academic awards, including election to the national university scholastic honorary society Phi Beta Kappa, and a Science Faculty Fellowship from the National Science Foundation.

Dr. Parker discusses in an easy-to-understand manner DNA, embryo development, fossils, “early man,” symbiosis, genetics, and many other topics: critical issues in the evolution/creation debate.

On page 12 Dr Parker writes: “This book is especially for those who love and/or respect science. In it I would like to share with you some of the scientific evidence that helped to change me, as a biology professor, from an enthusiastic (even “evangelical”) belief in evolution to a belief instead that the Bible is the best guide to understanding God’s world and our place in His plan. But the bible contains no explicit references to DNA, mutations, fossils, or Grand Canyon! My scientific applications of Biblical truths are no better than the evidence I use to support them.

“I also want you to understand evolution clearly and thoroughly, so I’ll also be going over with you  – as I still do with my students – all the standard textbook arguments used in favour of evolution.

“Take your time. Be critical. Think it through. It took me three years of re-examining the evidence before I gave up my deep-seated belief in evolution and concluded, like thousands of other scientists in recent times, that the Biblical framework is the more logical inference from our scientific observations.”

Read him online and see on Answers in Genesis Website:

Or accept the invitation by NCCG to “dive right into this fascinating and inspiring read!” (pdf) .


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