Waterloo Adventist Hospital Staff  Die From Ebola

Waterloo Adventist Hospital and Cooper Adventist Hospital in Liberia are reported to have closed and under quarantine due to the Ebola Virus, which has claimed the lives of three of the staff at the Waterloo hospital.

Says Adventist Health International: Hospitals are said to be the most dangerous place you can be right now. Which is why it is important to show support to these brave medical professionals that are working to maintain a level of safety and health for the patients they are treating. Canadian Relief Organisation, Global Medic, have supplied needed help and aid to Cooper Adventist hospital.

Relocated from Chad to Liberia to keep Cooper Adventist hospital open due to the Ebola crisis Dr Appel described Liberia as “shutting down” around him. “There’s a curfew that’s been initiated. Many businesses are not open; all the schools are closed, government offices are closed,” Appel told Myrow. “So for example our hospital is not getting paid by the insurance companies, because insurance companies are closed. The whole economy is coming to a standstill.”

At Cooper Adventist Hospital in Liberia Dr Appel “acknowledged his own fears in treating patients during the ongoing crisis.

“I can’t say I’m not afraid,” he said. “In all my medical training, there’s only one thing that’s ever scared me and that’s Ebola —  because it is so lethal and happens so quickly and there’s no known treatment.”

The BBC reports that the Ebola Virus is spreading. It reports that Ebola is so dangerous it kills 90% of those infected.

I had not heard of the ‘Ebola Virus’ until the recent publicity but it appears to have been around since 1976. But no cure has yet been found. So what is Ebola?

The Times of India gives quite a comprehensive history on Ebola in its report and on the current Ebola Outbreak

One can see why health professionals who volunteer their services are considered heroic. Health professionals have died in treating the disease. There is a tremendous shortage of medical staff in these countries and they are desperate for help as well as financial support.

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