‘The Struggle of Belief’ by Gregory Alan Thornbury

How I Almost Lost the Bible says Gregory Alan Thornbury

Can the Bible be believed? Thornbury says that “Had it not been for the first editor of CT, I likely would have gone the way of liberal scholar Bart Ehrman.”

An Evangelical Baptist Alan Thornbury describes what happens to so many young Christians growing up in the world of unbelief, can I really believe the Bible? I may not share quite everything he believes but I warm to his testimony of struggle and recovery of his faith. My story and background was different – and yet for everyone who searches for meaning to life it still has to be personal, looking for a world view that makes sense.

Says Thornbury, “I was born at the Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania—a fact that once prompted a friend of mine to say, “You’re evangelical born, evangelical bred, and when you die, you’ll be evangelical dead.” My father, John Forrest Thornbury, was the model of a country parson, serving as the pastor of Winfield Baptist Church, a historic congregation in the American Baptist tradition, for 44 years.”

But this preacher’s kid couldn’t borrow on his father’s faith, Alan Thornbury had to find his own. And for those who are having, or have had their own struggles over Christian belief, might well identify in some way with Gregory Alan Thornbury’s struggle over the Bible and Christian belief.

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