Detective Struggled With Faith – And Found Jesus

Following my previous post here is another case of struggling with faith. Says J. Warner Wallace. “I bought my first Bible. It was an inexpensive pew Bible; I think it cost me less than five dollars. As I read through the gospels, I was surprised to find that they seemed to display characteristics of true eyewitness accounts. One of these is something I call “unintended eyewitness support.” It’s not unusual for an eyewitness to a crime to describe the events in such a way that more questions are raised than answered. It’s not until an additional eyewitness is interviewed that the questionable observation is reconciled in some way. The question raised by the first eyewitness is answered by the second. There were other attributes in the gospels that also seemed consistent with eyewitness accounts so I decided to test the gospels using a technique I was employing with homicide suspects at the time. I’ve written about my use of Forensic Statement Analysis on the gospel of Mark, so I won’t cover that material again, but suffice it to say, I eventually became convinced that the Gospels were a true eyewitness account from people who lived in the first century and saw something that changed their lives. I no longer believed that Jesus was a legend. I believed THAT Jesus was who he said he was. I considered myself a Christian.”

Belief “That” Is Not The Same As Belief “In”
But, says Wallace, “it was years before I truly understood the difference between “belief THAT” and “belief IN”. I like to hear or read stories of non-believing sceptics discovering the Person of Jesus and speaking of a changed life. As J. Wallace Warner testifies, discovering and knowing about Jesus is not the same having belief in Jesus. This is J. Warner Wallace’s Story:

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