Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God

Says Casey Luskin,

“Though it appeared on Christmas Day, Eric Metaxas’s article in the Wall Street Journal continues to attract denunciations. What’s the big deal? Metaxas proposed that “Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God.” While people hold many different views on this topic, that’s not an idea that ought to be highly controversial since there are highly credible scientists and scholars on both sides of the debate. However, the mainstream media typically erects a firewall to prevent views at odds with materialism from getting a fair hearing. Somehow Metaxas’s op-ed slipped through the defences, sparking outrage in some quarters,” says Luskin.

The creation/evolution debate is really about whether it was matter, inanimate material, that produced life and intelligence, ultimately evolving into you and me; no one has ever witnessed that happen, but that is the one side of the debate. Or was it intelligence that produced matter, inanimate material, and then you and me? (Genesis 1-2:2). No human being was there at the beginning to witness either scenario, But what does the evidence favour? To the delight of some and the chagrin of others Eric Metaxas presents his case in the Wall Street Journal. It is not a long article, but it can be even more interesting to also connect with the very informative links.

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