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Fascination With Worms

I wish I had a scientific mind; I’m fascinated with DNA and its immense complexity. DNA played a major part in converting the much published atheist author Anthony Flew, to recognising a form of theism, although not Christian theism. A little … Continue reading

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“Precious Lord, Take My Hand” Thomas Dorsey

Thinking about the previous post set me wondering about others who might have contributed richly to hymn writing through their own suffering or adversity, or through some traumatic unwelcome circumstance with which others can identify in some way in their own … Continue reading

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Beneath The Cross of Jesus

‘Beneath the Cross of Jesus’, was written in 1868 by Miss Elizabeth Cecilia Douglas Clephane. The inclusion of ‘Douglas’ in her forenames identifies her with the famous ancient Douglas clan of that noble house from the Scottish Lowlands. She was … Continue reading

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