Fascination With Worms

I wish I had a scientific mind; I’m fascinated with DNA and its immense complexity. DNA played a major part in converting the much published atheist author Anthony Flew, to recognising a form of theism, although not Christian theism.

A little while ago I subscribed to The Discovery Institute – this week I got an email that shares two fascinating videos on YouTube that provide evidence “that the cosmos is a product of design, many point to the fine-tuning of our vast universe or the huge number of novel animal body plans that arose in the Cambrian Explosion. But now a tiny worm just a millimeter long is providing powerful evidence of intelligent design. It was the idea of Intelligent Design that convinced Anthony Flew to give up on his atheism and write the book, “There is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind.”

Says Discovery Institute, “Meet C. elegans, a roundworm that you’ll probably find in the compost heap in your backyard. Two videos produced by the Center for Science and CultureHow to Build a Worm and Switched on Worms , show the intricately patterned development of C. elegans, from a single cell to finished creature, through processes that aren’t explained by Darwinian theory and point undeniably to design.  It’s just a little worm…but with huge implications. And our short videos on YouTube effectively present the compelling case for ID through a medium that has the potential to reach a large audience.  In fact, the two videos together have already had more than 5,500 views in the first week!”

The Discovery Institute don’t do ‘God talk’ but there are really only two beliefs about origins, one includes evolution; intelligence arose out of inanimate material: the other is creation, Intelligence produced the material universe, and all that is in it. The latter for me is the more credible and persuasive of the two beliefs. Click to know more about The Discovery Institute.

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