Scheer Memorial Hospital Helps In Nepal Tragedy

It’s good to read of Adventist Hospitals in the news. Nepal’s Scheer Adventist Hospital was another that was new to me until the earthquake; then I read that it is partnering ADRA, which we have all been raising funds for in the UK to help towards relief of the suffering in Nepal. We seem to have established hospitals in some of the poorest countries in the world, supported by the larger hospitals in the Western world. Haiti Adventist Hospital back in 2010 was untouched by the devastating earthquake  and, able to provide support for the Haitian community along with the many other aid agencies that came to help Haitian’s in their tragedy. More recently we have read of the involvement of Cooper and Waterloo Adventist hospitals with staff fatalities from the Ebola Virus Crisis, and reading about Masanga Adventist Hospital in Sierra Leone being in the front line of the Ebola Crisis.

Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia have been dealing with the deadly Ebola Virus, and Haiti and Nepal have been recovering from their destructive, deadly earthquakes; all 5 nations come into the category of the world’s poorest nations. It’s good to know Adventist hospitals have been established in these places and remain undamaged and, along with ADRA, have been able to provide immediate assistance to their peoples. ADRA & these hospitals with their dedicated staff need our prayers and our whole-hearted support.

Although not as full a biography as that of Dr. Harry Miller and Run Run Shaw Hospital, it is good to read of the dedication and commitment of those who pioneered with the health ministry in Nepal that eventually brought Scheer Memorial Hospital into being, which we can read in this short history.

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