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Reminding myself about Jesus’ commitment to humankind does not have to be limited to any particular time of the year such as Easter. It is something I need to do every day This daily reading is from William Johnson’s 2006 … Continue reading

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He Is Risen! Is There Evidence For The Resurrection?

“Many theories have been advanced, attempting to show that the resurrection of Jesus Christ was a fraud. I believe that many of the people who came up with these theories must have had two brains–one lost, and the other one … Continue reading

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It is finished!

Greg Laurie  expounds on John 19:30, “When Jesus had tasted it, he said, “It is finished!” Then he bowed his head and released his spirit.” Says Laurie, “The cross was the goal of Jesus from the very beginning.” How right … Continue reading

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Surgeon Says Human Body Did Not Evolve

The recent furore over the research science paper, that got pulled because in the text it mentioned and repeated the idea that ‘a creator’ had some credit in the development of the human hand, got me thinking about the whole body … Continue reading

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Creation: Everything Had A Beginning

The following article got me thinking about the furore over the scientific paper concerning research on the hand and the mention of a ‘creator‘: ”Everything in time and space had a beginning. I had a beginning; you had a beginning. … Continue reading

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Scientists Are Trying To Create Life From Scratch

“For many years now, scientists have been working feverishly to create “artificial life” in the laboratory. Researchers and scientists expect to announce success within just a few years, declaring victory in the rarified field known as “wet artificial life” research. Their goals are … Continue reading

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Human Hand Was Designed By Creator

Scientific Paper Credits God For Human Hand Design, Says CMI, “Journal is forced to retract after outcry.” To take a paragraph from Paul Price’s report in the CMI website,  he says: “Controversy is raging after a peer-reviewed open-access scientific journal, PLOS … Continue reading

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My Story

Originally posted on 11th March 2011 It’s the 400th Anniversary of the printing of the King James Version of the Bible. It was the first Bible I bought – a cheap one. I was really embarrassed buying it. I don’t … Continue reading

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