Human Hand Was Designed By Creator

Scientific Paper Credits God For Human Hand Design, Says CMI,

“Journal is forced to retract after outcry.” To take a paragraph from Paul Price’s report in the CMI website,  he says:

“Controversy is raging after a peer-reviewed open-access scientific journal, PLOS ONE, published a paper1 recently by a team of four Chinese researchers (three in China, one in Massachusetts).2 The paper dealt with everyday topics such as how human hands grasp objects, and showed these actions that we take for granted require “complex biomechanical architecture”. But this would hardly have been controversial if not for its ‘unfortunate’ use of some extremely taboo language: the researchers in multiple places referred to the Creator.”

The story has gone viral! It is reported widely in science journals as well as non-science media. The Guardian titled its article: “The Hand a Mystery of the Creator’s Invention”

Other newspapers and journals have variations of the idea. Paper that says human hand was ‘designed by Creator’ sparkes concern,” says Nature. “Hands are the “proper design by the Creator,” PLoS ONE paper suggests,”  says ‘Retraction Watch.’ Evolution News has, “Mob With Pitchforks Form.”

The many protests and threats of resignations have their way. “Paper Containing Creationist Language Pulled” was the title in “The Scientist” “Op-ed: Science Paper, Citing ‘the Creator’, withdrawn,” says Digital Journal. PLOS ONE retracting paper that cites ‘the Creator’ says Retraction Watch. There is an update on retraction from ‘Retraction Watch’ with provision to vote on the issue.

CMI reports, “Science Credits The ‘Creator’ For Human Hand Design” Interesting to read Price’s assessment of the hostility registered over the ‘misuse’ of language in the offending article, but Price, (and CMI), have a real point here in their response to the whole furore at the mention of a Creator in a science journal:

Misotheists and their churchian allies (‘useful idiots’), when they can’t refute a creationist argument, often taunt biblical creationists (and Intelligent Design theorists) with the following challenge:

If there’s really good evidence for Design, then why don’t you submit papers to a secular peer-reviewed scientific journal and gain the support of the mainstream scientific community?

“This incident should serve as a perfect response to any such challenge, and a ‘test case’ for what happens in such a circumstance. Far from giving due consideration, the so-called scientific community does the exact opposite: they scorn and bully anyone who would dare attempt to suggest a Creator, and do their best to prevent any such evidence from seeing the light of day. There would be pressure to remove any editor who allowed this to be published.

“This is the same type of behavior documented in Ben Stein’s movie Expelled, as well as the book Slaughter of the Dissidents by Dr Jerry Bergman. The simple truth is, the secular academic world is not open to considering evidence for a Divine Creator. The very concept of intelligent design is anathema to them, and they will stop at nothing to prevent any hint of such a Creator from breaking through the pages of secular scientific literature. The oft-cited ‘amazing admission’ by Dr Richard Lewontin once again is relevant here.” I found it worth reading Dr Richard Lewontin’s; ‘amazing admission’.

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