Having a reasonable and positive faith is considered to be better health-wise than having no faith. Polls say that the ‘religious’ are considered generally to have a higher level of well-being. That is what I have found for myself as a Christian. Adventists are outward looking emphasising a holistic approach to life including emotional, spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual. As well as the spiritual, Adventists give serious attention to education , to health care and provides a humanitarian agency, ADRA, that works impartially for others alongside other leading aid agencies that bring relief to the suffering around the world.

Adventists have a high regard for the Bible as the Word of God, and a love for Jesus Christ without whom there is no forgiveness of sins or hope of eternal life (John 17:3). In Jesus is wrapped up the Best Of Belief, He is both our Creator and our Saviour Hebrews 1:1-3). When Christians talk about having ‘belief’ or ‘faith’ that belief or faith in the Christian and Biblical sense is always in the Person of Jesus Christ (John 3:16). I hope this blog will represent that as I share my own thoughts as well as gather materials I find encouraging, helpful or challenging from fellow Christians not of my persuasion, as well as those provided by the Adventist Community.

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