I’m a retired Seventh-day Adventist minister living in South England. I spent 22 years in varied industry. With the support of my wife with two young children I then went on to study for a BA in Theology (1973-1977) and later for an MA in Religion. My own journey to God began with a couple of life-threatening experiences in my early twenties that interrupted the presumption that all of life was before me. There was that challenge to my integrity; if there was that ‘someone out there’ or ‘up there’ who was responsible for the material universe and for life on planet earth, and if there was something very significant about the Person of Jesus Christ who lived here on this earth 2000 years ago, then shouldn’t I be honest with myself and be open to finding out the meaning of life here, and the meaning of life for me? I found it! I found it in Jesus Christ. That’s the best of Christian belief – it centres in the Person of Jesus. I begin with My Story

Islwyn Rees

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