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Melvyn Bragg On The Mystery Of Mary Magdalene.

Can’t help thinking about that BBC serving we had on ‘Good Friday’ called, ‘The Mystery of Mary Magdalene’ presented by Melvyn Bragg. Having read his ‘The Book of Books’ I found ‘The Mystery of Mary Magdalene’ so disappointing. From a scholarly point … Continue reading

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A Changed View Of, ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech

Following the previous post the one book I have read by Martin Luther King, A Strength To Love, is moving and powerful. Just read the reviews on Amazon.  Edward Gilbreath writes, or should I say, rewrites with a changed perspective on King’s … Continue reading

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It Is ‘Martin Luther King’s Day Today

“More than 40 years ago, on August 28, 1963, a quarter million people gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial. They marched here for the cause of civil rights. And that day they heard Martin Luther King Jr. deliver his … Continue reading

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Jessica Redfield’s Last Post

I picked up a link on one of the blogs on the Internet dealing with the recent massacre at Aurora, Colorado. I say recent, it is reported as the biggest gun crime in the US but it doesn’t take long … Continue reading

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China’s ‘Human Rights’ Great Escapist

“The story of Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng is the stuff of which movies are made: illiterate until he was in his 20s, he not only taught himself how to read, he taught himself the intricacies of Chinese law. “He used … Continue reading

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Would Martin Luther King Be Heard Today?

Monday was Martin Luther King Day in the USA. But, would Martin Luther King be heard today? asks Dr. James Emery White. “Because we were created, there is value in each person. There is meaning and purpose to every life. There … Continue reading

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Dr Billy Graham 93 Today (Monday 7 November 2011)

Billy Graham, the founder of ‘Christianity Today’ at a meeting with it’s Board of Directors “urged the staff who were present never to waver on these two things: the inspiration of Scripture and the centrality of Jesus Christ. And if … Continue reading

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The Protestant Reformation began, 31 October 1517

The 31st of October is recognised as ‘Reformation Day’  by some sections of the Christian church and even a national holiday in some areas of Germany. The protests that were publicly nailed to the Wittenberg Cathedral door on October 31 … Continue reading

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‘Christianity Today’ Pays Tribute To Dr. John Stott

Further to my previous post Christianity Today has provided a collection of books by John Stott and articles and materials on John Stott’s life and work – (Sermon section only accessible by membership). Albert Mohler’s Interview With John Stott  

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Tributes To Leading Anglican: John Stott Dies At 90

Links to tributes follow this article. I first visited All Souls to hear Dr John Stott in the mid-70s. I have visited several venues since then when he was the speaker. Back in the 70s (?) I recall buying two tapes by … Continue reading

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