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Life Itself (The Living Cell)

In “Deluded By Darwinism” Martin Down has simplified the issue between science and faith for the general reader. Deluded by Darwinism has 176 pages divided into 29 short chapters that deal with the relationship between faith and science. Science is … Continue reading

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The Existence of Consciousness: God or Evolution?

“Many who give an explanation for consciousness from “inside the room” deny the existence of the non-material and conclude our minds are identical to our physical brains,” writes J. Warner Wallace . “A material universe could, according to this explanation, … Continue reading

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The Free Gift

“Some things are worth re-reading. Calvin Rock has a way with words – on page 296 of his book, ‘Something Better’, he writes about, ‘The Free Gift’ (Romans 5:15) “The righteousness of Christ is a free gift. We cannot earn … Continue reading

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Hannah More Biography

The website Breakpoint is promoting a recent biography of Hannah More. Her grave is just up the road from where I live.  Breakpoint think she is much forgotten. “You see,” says Eric Metaxas, “Hannah More is one of those people … Continue reading

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Evolutionist Scientist Turned Creationist

Dr. Gary Parker has some excellent reviews on his book: Creation: Facts of Life . To read reviews of this book scroll down on Amazon. Reviewers found Dr. Parker respectful and non-aggressive in his approach. His arguments are well thought … Continue reading

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Is It Faith Versus Science – Or?

In the previous post I said the two views of origins, creation and evolution (meaning atheistic evolution), are often placed over against each other as Faith versus Science. It is not true of course because there are too many well-respected scientists … Continue reading

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“Perspectives on Paul” by Tom Wright

Says Ben Witherington in his recent post: “My friend and colleague Tom Wright now has two new big books on Paul coming out, the first is a collection of his many essays on Paul over the last 35 years (640 … Continue reading

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“Zombie Claims” On Jesus The Revolutionary

“One of the things variously amusing and annoying is the re-appearance of ideas and claims in my own area of expertise as if something new, something suppressed (e.g., by us scholars supposedly) and reeeeally racy and sensationally important that are … Continue reading

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More Views On Hell And Conditional Immortality

What is Conditionalism? For the uninitiated on terms that are used by theologians in their discussions on what happens when we die these links here and here and here might be helpful. Annhilationism is an associated term that says that at the … Continue reading

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Melvyn Bragg On The Mystery Of Mary Magdalene.

Can’t help thinking about that BBC serving we had on ‘Good Friday’ called, ‘The Mystery of Mary Magdalene’ presented by Melvyn Bragg. Having read his ‘The Book of Books’ I found ‘The Mystery of Mary Magdalene’ so disappointing. From a scholarly point … Continue reading

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