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“Zombie Claims” On Jesus The Revolutionary

“One of the things variously amusing and annoying is the re-appearance of ideas and claims in my own area of expertise as if something new, something suppressed (e.g., by us scholars supposedly) and reeeeally racy and sensationally important that are … Continue reading

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More Views On Hell And Conditional Immortality

What is Conditionalism? For the uninitiated on terms that are used by theologians in their discussions on what happens when we die these links here and here and here might be helpful. Annhilationism is an associated term that says that at the … Continue reading

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Melvyn Bragg On The Mystery Of Mary Magdalene.

Can’t help thinking about that BBC serving we had on ‘Good Friday’ called, ‘The Mystery of Mary Magdalene’ presented by Melvyn Bragg. Having read his ‘The Book of Books’ I found ‘The Mystery of Mary Magdalene’ so disappointing. From a scholarly point … Continue reading

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The Resurrection is “Of First Importance”

The basis of the Christian faith is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Because he is raised so will those who put their trust in Him (1 Corinthians 15:20-23). It is good to read the reminder by Dr. Stanley Ward of … Continue reading

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A Changed View Of, ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech

Following the previous post the one book I have read by Martin Luther King, A Strength To Love, is moving and powerful. Just read the reviews on Amazon.  Edward Gilbreath writes, or should I say, rewrites with a changed perspective on King’s … Continue reading

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Exploring The Secret Rapture And The Second Coming Of Jesus

In the previous post the link to Fr. Jonathan includes his views on the ‘Secret Rapture’ as well as the Second Coming of Jesus. The best work discussing the Secret Rapture and the Second Coming of Jesus that I have read … Continue reading

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‘Galatians’ by Carl Cosaert

Galatians: A Fiery Response To A Struggling Church by Carl Cosaert is published by the Review and Herald (2011). Cover Price is $12.99. It is a companion book to the Adventist Church’s 4th quarter ‘Studies in Galatians’ and currently available … Continue reading

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