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Cosmic Inflation: Where Did We Come From?

Cosmic Inflation is the current news. The BBC titles David Shukman’s report on the latest scientific discovery: “Cosmic Inflation: Spectacular Discovery Hailed” I’m always drawn to discussions on cosmic origins and of course our human origins, where did we come from? … Continue reading

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Christ’s Resurrection vs Those Of Other Gods

“It was a complete surprise one Friday night when I overheard a couple of college students talking about Jesus’ resurrection,” says Ryan Duncan on the Crosswalk website. “Christians,” one said, “like to think Jesus is unique because he rose from … Continue reading

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Melvyn Bragg On The Mystery Of Mary Magdalene.

Can’t help thinking about that BBC serving we had on ‘Good Friday’ called, ‘The Mystery of Mary Magdalene’ presented by Melvyn Bragg. Having read his ‘The Book of Books’ I found ‘The Mystery of Mary Magdalene’ so disappointing. From a scholarly point … Continue reading

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‘God’s Friday’ by Dr. Ben Witherington

I often dip into Dr Ben Witherington’s blog and here he writes, “When it comes to Good Friday, we tend to hear a lot of sermons about the soteriological benefits of Christ’s death for us all, which is of course appropriate. … Continue reading

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When the Apostle John penned 1 John 3:1 he was not naive about the experiences of life. Christians facing the world in the Apostle John’s day would have been cruel and barbaric. John himself had been imprisoned on the Isle … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday Sermon – Great Expectations

I know we are post-Easter but Dr. Ben Witheington’s sermon on ‘Holy Week’ (preached April 1 at the Woodlands UMC in the Woodlands Texas), could well apply to the UK as well as to the USA. “Our land needs a … Continue reading

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I Am The Bread Of Life

Thinking back to the previous post of the confusion over the identity of Jesus today, what to make of Jesus was the dilemma that the chosen people of Israel had when Jesus lived with them 2000 years ago. Both Matthew and … Continue reading

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