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I Don’t Believe In Hell

At least, not in the sense of the following I took from a Christian posting on the Internet a few days ago: “Hell is a “bottomless pit” (Rev. 20:1-2, KJV). “The new occupant is slow to learn. In growing panic, … Continue reading

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The Remedy for Our Sins

Since my reading of Walter Martin on Adventists and the Law of God it is good to come across fellow Christians who have a high view of God’s law and how the grace of God plays its part in the believer’s … Continue reading

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Justification and Sanctification: Both Are Acts Of God

Methodism has had its influence in early Adventism when it comes to Justification and Sanctification. What do those terms mean for the believer? Dr. Ben Witherington explains in 7 minutes in, ‘Why I’m A Wesleyan Evangelical’ 

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The Law Of God Is The Law Of Love

In previous posts I have rejected Walter Martin’s views on the Law of God. It is assuring to read like minds on the Law of God or the Ten Commandments; it makes sense to seek to live by them. Loving God … Continue reading

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What Is Wrong With The Ten Commandments?

Bill Meuhlenberg shared his concern about fellow Christians disparaging the Ten Commandments  or the ‘Law of God’. We see that was a concern for Spurgeon back in the 19th century. It was a concern for Lloyd-Jones  and John Stott  in the … Continue reading

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‘Grace And The Law Of God’ by Dr. John Stott

Said Bill Meuhlenberg in his post on Loving God And Keeping His Commandments: “A sad situation is enveloping large parts of the evangelical church today, especially those associated with the emergent church. Increasingly we are being told that love is … Continue reading

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