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Scheer Memorial Hospital Helps In Nepal Tragedy

It’s good to read of Adventist Hospitals in the news. Nepal’s Scheer Adventist Hospital was another that was new to me until the earthquake; then I read that it is partnering ADRA, which we have all been raising funds for in … Continue reading

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Hannah More Biography

The website Breakpoint is promoting a recent biography of Hannah More. Her grave is just up the road from where I live.  Breakpoint think she is much forgotten. “You see,” says Eric Metaxas, “Hannah More is one of those people … Continue reading

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Is Martin Luther King’s Dream Still Alive?

I posted on Martin Luther King Day back in January. The 28th of last month was the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s now famous speech. The BBC reported that President Obama said that, “”When you are talking about Dr … Continue reading

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Why Do Christians Love Rules?

Trillia Newbell sends me back to my posts on Walter Martin and his view of Law and Grace. For me, it is Trillia Newbell who has got it right on Law and Grace. “The rule of law in the Old … Continue reading

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The N. T. On Faith And Works by Dr. Ben Witherington

“Yes, the Bible is clear enough that salvation is not a human self-help program. Yes, it makes clear that apart from God’s grace no one can be saved. Yes, it stresses that we are converted by grace through faith, and … Continue reading

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When the Apostle John penned 1 John 3:1 he was not naive about the experiences of life. Christians facing the world in the Apostle John’s day would have been cruel and barbaric. John himself had been imprisoned on the Isle … Continue reading

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The Law Of God Is The Law Of Love

In previous posts I have rejected Walter Martin’s views on the Law of God. It is assuring to read like minds on the Law of God or the Ten Commandments; it makes sense to seek to live by them. Loving God … Continue reading

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