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The Gospel In Isaiah

There are those who believe Adventists are under the ‘Old Testament’, meaning, Adventists are under the Law of the Old Testament as a means of salvation, whereas Bible believing Christians are under the Grace of God provided through the Lord … Continue reading

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We Have a Saviour – Christ the Lord

A young lady had been taking an early Sunday morning walk through the College grounds. She stopped to knock our door. She had come across a young bird right nearby that could not fly. But she had failed to catch the … Continue reading

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Christians And Capital Punishment

In my previous posts it is obvious that I believe in law, I believe in fairness and justice. But do I believe in the opportunity for repentance and forgiveness? But then what about Hitler? Idi Amin? and other tyrants of … Continue reading

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9/11 The Flag V The Cross

“It was shattering to admit that we had lost the theological means to distinguish between the United States and the kingdom of God. The criminals who perpetrated 9/11 and the flag-waving boosters of our almost exclusively martial response were of … Continue reading

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Getting What We Don’t Deserve

I have a soft spot for the retired Baptist preacher Dr. Joe McKeever. He has a good way of speaking about things that are important. Nothing more important than what we read in Ephesians 2:8-10. But illustrations appeal very much … Continue reading

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The Fukushima Fifty & The Cross Of Christ

Did you read about the bravery and courageof “The Fukushima Fifty” following the devastating tsunami that hit Japan on the 10th March? Although they were given the name ‘The Fukushima Fifty’ there is said to have been between 100-200 engineers working around … Continue reading

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