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Assumptions & The Truth Of Christianity & God

Says J. Warner Wallace, “As a skeptic, I was slow to accept even the slightest possibility that miracles were possible. My commitment to naturalism prevented me from considering such nonsense. But after my experience with presuppositions at the crime scene, I … Continue reading

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BBC’s Bill Turnbull’s Defends Being Christian

Retiring BBC presenter, Bill Turnbull says, “We shouldn’t be embarrassed about faith.” “When we lived in America it was the exception not to go to church. Church was absolutely packed and it was wonderful.” Says Bill, “But here there’s something about … Continue reading

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When The Case For God Is Strong

J Warner Wallace says “when the Case for God is Strong, Skeptics Attack Christianity”    

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The Resurrection of Jesus

William Lane Craig asks, ‘How do we know the Christian God is real? The answer of the New Testament is: the resurrection of Jesus.’ William Craig examines the historical grounds for belief in Jesus’ resurrection, focusing on the empty tomb, … Continue reading

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The Deity of Christ

Each generation has to know the ‘Teachings of Christianity’ for themselves. When it comes to our salvation the Father did not send someone inferior to pay the consequences of our sin and rebellion. Only the Creator could redeem his fallen … Continue reading

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Cosmic Inflation: Where Did We Come From?

Cosmic Inflation is the current news. The BBC titles David Shukman’s report on the latest scientific discovery: “Cosmic Inflation: Spectacular Discovery Hailed” I’m always drawn to discussions on cosmic origins and of course our human origins, where did we come from? … Continue reading

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A Universe From Nothing?

Last year theoretical physicist and atheist, Lawrence Krauss, wrote a book titled “A Universe from Nothing: Why There is Something Rather than Nothing.” But: “Nothingness has no properties, and thus has no potential for anything.  If you start with nothing, you … Continue reading

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