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Loma Linda Proton Research Centre 

The world’s media recently made us all aware of the cancer treatment called ‘proton therapy’  with the highly sympathetic publicity for Ashya King and his parents. The Prime Minster and Deputy Prime Minister and opposition leader, Ed Milliband joined in. … Continue reading

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Scheer Memorial Hospital Helps In Nepal Tragedy

It’s good to read of Adventist Hospitals in the news. Nepal’s Scheer Adventist Hospital was another that was new to me until the earthquake; then I read that it is partnering ADRA, which we have all been raising funds for in … Continue reading

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ADRA & Humanitarian Aid In Nepal Tragedy  

Several Seventh-day Adventists from around the West Midlands were either travelling or directly involved in humanitarian work in Nepal when the earthquake struck. With the second earthquake more than 8,000 are feared dead and around 20,000 injured. Professional photographer James Watson, … Continue reading

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Masanga Hospital In Fight Against Ebola Virus

The Ebola Virus crisis is not yet under control. There are varying reports on casualties but Wikipedia reports over 10,000 deaths in West Africa, but the Ebola tragedy is much bigger than those numbers as the previous post suggests; the stigma associated … Continue reading

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ADRA Helps In The Ebola Virus Crisis 

Volunteer nurse, Pauline Cafferkey’s condition and experience had been life-threatening on her return from Sierra Leone at the end of December. Although now recovered she was struck by the dreaded ebola virus she had volunteered with others to combat . … Continue reading

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Sir Run Run and Adventist ‘China Doctor, Dr Harry Miller

I found it rewarding and inspiring to read about Dr. Harry Miller, The China Doctor. But first, Sir Run Run Shaw who died 7th January 2014 at the age of 106. Following from a previous post it was interesting to … Continue reading

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Adventist Hospitals in the News

David Peterson On Porter Adventist Hospital The San – Sydney Adventist Hospital’s “200m dollar extenstion  Waterloo Adventist Hospital Hit by Ebola Loma Linda University Hospital’s $1.2bn Extension Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital We don’t see Adventist hospitals in Europe so … Continue reading

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Waterloo Adventist Hospital Staff  Die From Ebola

Waterloo Adventist Hospital and Cooper Adventist Hospital in Liberia are reported to have closed and under quarantine due to the Ebola Virus, which has claimed the lives of three of the staff at the Waterloo hospital. Says Adventist Health International: … Continue reading

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Believers Consume Fewer Drugs Than Atheists

I was a teenager when my father described to me his battle to give up smoking when he became a Christian. I thought of him as a tough determined character but he said he actually cried when he threw his … Continue reading

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‘Doing God’ Is Good For Your Health

It has been documented elsewhere and here is more confirmation: ‘In contrast to the popular myth that Christian faith is bad for health, on balance, and despite its limitations, the published research suggests that faith is associated with longer life and … Continue reading

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