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Waterloo Adventist Hospital Staff  Die From Ebola

Waterloo Adventist Hospital and Cooper Adventist Hospital in Liberia are reported to have closed and under quarantine due to the Ebola Virus, which has claimed the lives of three of the staff at the Waterloo hospital. Says Adventist Health International: … Continue reading

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Believers Consume Fewer Drugs Than Atheists

I was a teenager when my father described to me his battle to give up smoking when he became a Christian. I thought of him as a tough determined character but he said he actually cried when he threw his … Continue reading

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‘Doing God’ Is Good For Your Health

It has been documented elsewhere and here is more confirmation: ‘In contrast to the popular myth that Christian faith is bad for health, on balance, and despite its limitations, the published research suggests that faith is associated with longer life and … Continue reading

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