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The Existence of Consciousness: God or Evolution?

“Many who give an explanation for consciousness from “inside the room” deny the existence of the non-material and conclude our minds are identical to our physical brains,” writes J. Warner Wallace . “A material universe could, according to this explanation, … Continue reading

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Evolution & The Fine-Tuning Of The Universe

I enjoy reading what J Warner Wallace   has to say. A detective in life as well as a Christian he is currently promoting a book called, ‘God’s Crime Scene’. “Is the Apparent Fine-Tuning of the Universe simply an observational phenomenon?” asks … Continue reading

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Darwin Vs. The Octopus

There are lots of interesting articles about on the Internet. This one is on the Chuck Colson website, Breakpoint with movie graphics: “The Tentacles of a Dilemma: Darwin Vs. The Octopus.” Don’t like the octopus? Don’t watch the graphics! Just read the … Continue reading

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Fascination With Worms

I wish I had a scientific mind; I’m fascinated with DNA and its immense complexity. DNA played a major part in converting the much published atheist author Anthony Flew, to recognising a form of theism, although not Christian theism. A little … Continue reading

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Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God

Says Casey Luskin, “Though it appeared on Christmas Day, Eric Metaxas’s article in the Wall Street Journal continues to attract denunciations. What’s the big deal? Metaxas proposed that “Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God.” While people hold many different views on … Continue reading

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Evolutionist Scientist Turned Creationist

Dr. Gary Parker has some excellent reviews on his book: Creation: Facts of Life . To read reviews of this book scroll down on Amazon. Reviewers found Dr. Parker respectful and non-aggressive in his approach. His arguments are well thought … Continue reading

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Is It Faith Versus Science – Or?

In the previous post I said the two views of origins, creation and evolution (meaning atheistic evolution), are often placed over against each other as Faith versus Science. It is not true of course because there are too many well-respected scientists … Continue reading

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