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J. P. Moreland Shares His Faith On ‘Boundless’

J. P. Moreland has his own website but is also hosted by the Christian website, ‘Boundless’ where he is to begin a monthly letter to encourage and strengthen Christians young and older in the challenges they meet along their journey of faith. … Continue reading

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Why Is Evolution Believed In More Firmly Than The Evidence Warrants? By J. P. Moreland

“Most naturalists believe that the physical cosmos is all there is, was or ever will be because their creation story allows no room for miraculous divine activity. And most naturalists believe in a creation story with no room for divine … Continue reading

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God Is Not Yet Dead

“The idea that we live in a postmodern culture is a myth. In fact, a postmodern culture is an impossibility; it would be utterly unlivable. People are not relativistic when it comes to matters of science, engineering, and technology; rather, … Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking On ‘No Heaven & No After Life’

“As Michael Wenham recently wrote in response to Hawking, the universe “is certainly discoverable by science,” but that is very different than making science the final word on its meaning. Science doesn’t govern the universe; instead “science is governed by … Continue reading

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‘The Life Of All Flesh Is In The Blood’

After my motorcycle accident, (referred to in my story), I recall how conscious I became about the air I breathed. I often used to take in a deep breath and think how good life is. It was the beginnings of … Continue reading

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Albert Mohler: Richard Dawkins And The Limits Of Reason

“In The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution, Dawkins sets out to present his most compelling case for evolution. He is — make no mistake — an ardent enthusiast for his argument. Seldom do we read a book … Continue reading

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