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US President Sings America’s Favourite Hymn “Amazing Grace”

Says Eric Metaxas on the Chuck Colson website, Breakpoint: ““Amazing Grace” is arguably the best-known and most-sung hymn in America—maybe the world. It has deep meaning for millions, across all races and backgrounds, and has long united and comforted our nation … Continue reading

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No More Death!

This Week, Monday 4 August 2014, was the commemoration of 37 million casualties! – the total number of military and civilian casualties in World War I. There were over 16 million deaths and 20 million wounded, ranking it among the deadliest conflicts in human history according to … Continue reading

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Unto Us A Child Is Born

Re-reading, ‘A Letter To Daniel’ by Fergal Keene sent me on a spiritual trail. ‘A Letter To Daniel’ is very emotive and moving, perhaps too subjective for some for a BBC war correspondent. Fergal Keene’s newborn son, Daniel Patrick Keane, was … Continue reading

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In Defence Of Conditionalism

To add to my previous post there are also links here. But there is also a dedicated blog in Defence of Conditionalism (see the right hand ‘Category’ section for links to different websites). “What is Conditionalism? For the uninitiated on terms that … Continue reading

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Hell – All Souls Day And The Gospel

I read on a Catholic website that “today, Saturday November 2nd is All Souls Day, the day after All Saints Day, which was preceded by Halloween, the eve or vigil of All Saints Day. “All Souls Day is a solemn … Continue reading

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My Wife’s Uncle Tom

Leaving the M4 near Newport when on our occasional trips to Brecon and beyond, we have, if the weather allows, dropped down into Talybont and made our way along to the village of Llanfrynach, The Church of St Brynach with its … Continue reading

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Christian Leaders Air Views On Hell And Conditional Immortality

Although in a minority there are and have been prominent Christian leaders who would share the views I have expressed in my previous post on hell, heaven and the Second Advent of Jesus.  These come from my personal library: Essentials, … Continue reading

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