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My Wife’s Uncle Tom

Leaving the M4 near Newport when on our occasional trips to Brecon and beyond, we have, if the weather allows, dropped down into Talybont and made our way along to the village of Llanfrynach, The Church of St Brynach with its … Continue reading

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USA Mourns Massacre Of 20 Children Ages 5 and 6

It’s the news story that has replaced all other news stories around the world; an unstable 20-year-old armed with guns, one an assault semi-automatic rifle, deliberately kills his mother and then goes into the school where she worked and killed 20 … Continue reading

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Aurora: Why Does God Allow Evil And Suffering?

All right-minded people would share Jessica Redfield’s sentiments over her experience at the Toronto killing when she said, “That’s when it really hit me. I felt nauseas. Who would go into a mall full of thousands of innocent people and open … Continue reading

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Jessica Redfield’s Last Post

I picked up a link on one of the blogs on the Internet dealing with the recent massacre at Aurora, Colorado. I say recent, it is reported as the biggest gun crime in the US but it doesn’t take long … Continue reading

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The Fukushima Fifty & The Cross Of Christ

Did you read about the bravery and courageof “The Fukushima Fifty” following the devastating tsunami that hit Japan on the 10th March? Although they were given the name ‘The Fukushima Fifty’ there is said to have been between 100-200 engineers working around … Continue reading

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